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Where can I find a good writing group?

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It is a time-consuming journey. I’ve had to sit through “Shuggie’s Recovery Journal” and “A letter to my Daisy.” Daisy is the cat. Also, endless poorly edited material. Don’t get me wrong, there are places for such writing, but on new writers’ forums that cater for such material.

 I ended up forming my own “Advanced Creative Writers’ Meetup and Critique Group.”

There are specific rules:

You must have at least an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing. If not, you have to submit 500 words of prose, or a sizable piece of poetry for the group to assess your skills and vote you in. The initial hoop of writing 500 words or some poetry separates serious writers from time wasters. Do you agree?

Check out the Advanced Creative Writers’ Meetup and Critique Group

Advanced Creative Writers’ Meetup and Critique Group – DownToMeet

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