Thank you for visiting today. This site is a writers notebook and a visual representation of thoughts a writer documents for future use. I am an avid reader and therefore, the material is updated daily.

Why I Write

Embedded on the walls of the Cueva de las Manos Caves in Argentina are a series of millennia-old handprints. I believe that these ancients were telling us ‘We passed through.’
Through the silent remnant of the cave art, we are reminded that we are walking shadows to be forgotten; less we leave a written legacy.
But my motive for writing runs deeper. I write to manufacture my own world. I guess I am mourning the loss of something. For my generation − Generation Jones, if the reader is wondering − there is a disturbing awareness of moral apathy. Therefore, I like to write about the noble qualities of human nature.
I have a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing and I am currently working on my dissertation for a MA Creative Writing. Although I specialise in the personal essay form, I have a short story published called ‘Taken for a Ride’ which is set in Sicily and can be found in a compilation named A Multilingual Decameron: Stories of a Different World.
I am currently working on a series of personal essays under the theme What it Means to be Human.
I have lived in Norway and travelled around the globe, but my home and current residence is on Scotland’s West Coast where the Atlantic winds bend me, and the colours make me young.